Women’s History Month: How Outdoor Brands Can Participate!

Women’s History Month: How Outdoor Brands Can Participate!


March 8 is international women's day, part of women's history month! While the day celebrates the achievements of women worldwide, it also highlights many of the inequalities between genders. So, how is your outdoor brand observing the holiday? In this article, we'll review why international women's history month is an opportunity for people to learn more about your outdoor brand and how you can participate.

Why Should Outdoor Brands Market During Women's History Month?

For outdoor brands, marketing your products or services on International Women's Day and throughout the month can be an effective way to show support for women and a commitment to gender equality.

Male-Dominated Industries

Outdoor activities like hiking, camping, rock climbing, and beyond have traditionally been male-dominated or labeled as activities "for men." Marketing campaigns that feature women participating in these activities can help break down gender stereotypes and encourage more women to get involved. It also recognizes and highlights current inequalities that exist. For some women who do enter these activities and industries, for example, they may face challenges, like pay disparities, a lack of opportunities for career advancement, or an environment where there are stereotypes and discrimination.

Spotlight Your Team

Featuring women in leadership positions or those who have made significant contributions to the company or the outdoor industry can also help to showcase the diverse range of skills and experiences that women bring to the table. This can help to challenge the stereotype that outdoor activities and industries are only for men and demonstrate that women can thrive and excel in these areas as well.

Moreover, spotlighting your female team members during Women's History Month can help to create a positive work environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported. It can encourage open dialogue around gender equality, help to identify and address any barriers or biases that may exist and promote a culture of inclusivity and diversity.

It can also be an opportunity to reflect on your existing team structure. Do you include women in the decision-making process? Leadership roles? Are you selling products or services that take women and their experiences into account? And finally, are women involved in the design, production, and marketing processes?

Highlight Your Brand's Values

Women's History month can also help to position your brand as a thought leader and a change agent in the outdoor industry, as long as you're really doing the things you promote. By demonstrating your brand's commitment to gender equality and diversity, you can inspire and empower your audience to take action and make a difference in their own communities.

Not only can you encourage others, but you can also showcase your company's core beliefs and mission, build trust and loyalty, and attract audiences who share similar values as you.

How Can Outdoor Brands Market During International Women's Day

Create Social Media Highlights

One example of a marketing strategy you could employ includes UGC. You can feature inspiring stories and experiences of women who have overcome obstacles, achieved success, and made a difference in the outdoor industry. These stories can be shared through blog posts, interviews, videos, or social media posts, using hashtags like #WomenOutdoors, #WomenWhoHike, #WomenWhoClimb, etc., to increase visibility. 

You could also use this as a time to spotlight your team members, as we mentioned earlier, giving recognition and praise to the people that make your outdoor brand successful! Lastly, if you'd prefer to focus on more recognizable people, you could promote female athletes (or even influencers) within the specific niche industry your brand targets.

Show Off Your Initiatives 

The most critical part of these strategies is being transparent and actually doing or implementing what you're talking about. It does no good just to have inclusive marketing to look good if your brand doesn't truly work to tackle inequality. 

On that note, you can launch genuine conversations with your audience and provide information about what you do to empower and support women. This doesn't have to be anything too out there, but even giving details about how you ensure equality in the workplace could make your brand values attractive to the right audience.

Examples of Women's History Month Campaign Ideas For Outdoor Brands


This women's activewear brand launched a campaign called "the Power of She," which celebrated women paving the way in the outdoor and athletic industries. The campaign included social media posts featuring women adventurers, a panel discussion featuring leaders in the outdoor industry, and a series of podcasts featuring female athletes and activists.

Eddie Bauer

"All Out for Women" was launched by this outdoor apparel brand, and it aimed to inspire and empower women to venture outdoors. The brand posted content on social media featuring women, a virtual event series with athletes and adventurers, and a blog post highlighting Eddie Bauer's initiatives and programs that support women in the outdoor industry.

Final Thoughts

International Women's Day is just one part of a very important month. While it's an awesome time to celebrate women and everything we do, it's also an opportunity to reflect on equality and ways to improve constantly. Outdoor brands should strive to be as inclusive as possible, and participating in this month – in March and beyond – is a great place to start.

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